It's hard out there and people are always trying to save money.  It's hard out there and people are always out there grinding.

How many times has this happened to you?

You:  Hey Will, do you know anybody that DJs?

Will:  Man, I don't know anyone affordable, sorry.

If only there was someplace you could go and see the business that is providing the service that you need.  Wait, there is.  The phonebook! Is anyone still using that?  I pick one up every few months off my front porch and throw it away.  The big search englnes will let you know what business are near you.  Yes, if I need to pay full retail price, I can go there and get all the information I want.  You need to hook up with the guy works on cars as a side hustle.  He's not going to charge you as much as the people you find in the phone book or on the search engines.  You need a lady that bakes cakes on the weekend, cause they always taste better than big chain grocery stores. You need a person that is on their grind taking pictures at weddings, at the club, and shooting video when they are not at their full time job.  But, where can you go to find those people?

Grinding247. com!  I put this website together to help my friends that are out there grinding 24-7-365.  They got full time jobs.  They got a family.  They also got that side hustle and are always looking for new clients.  Grinding247 is in the business of connecting customers to the businesses that need them. Everyone can win.